Meet Tina

Hello there… let’s get better acquainted.

I’m a freelance content writer, strategist and trainer – based in Cochin, Kerala – available worldwide. And I’ve been doing this a while… let’s say 18 years and counting!

I started off as a ‘let’s write to change the world’ journalist… (fat lot of good that did!)

Then trained my psyche into mastering the art of being a ‘write-from-home’ mom… (believe me, patience has been tested and limits have been pushed!)

Freelanced for entrepreneurs and professionals to keep pace with the changing face of content… (frequently adapting styles and keeping ideas fresh, left me panting for breath!)

Opted back into the workforce to feed my interest in writing for the digital medium… (I simply had to ride this wave because that’s the future of content marketing!)

And finally, here I am, enriched by the contrasting chapters in my book of life, ready to seamlessly integrate smart copy with content marketing strategies – giving you the best of both worlds!

PS: My background in journalism has heightened my ‘attention to detail’ and made me a ‘stickler for deadlines’. But, as precious as your time is to you, mine is to me. All I ask in return for timely delivery of my services, are timely responses and timely feedback!

So, get in touch with me, if you think I have what it takes to give your business a competitive edge.

Let’s work together to turn Interest into Action, Messages into Results & Readers into Customers!

Content Writing

Trust me to tell your story. To keep it simple, yet make it memorable.

Editing & Proofreading

Call me Hawk-Eye when it comes to editing and proofing copy.

Content Strategy

Audit website content & social media interactions – fill the gaps & fix the bugs.

Enhancement Programme

Short one-on-one or group training programmes to enhance written skills.