Content Strategy

Let me audit your website content & social media interactions – fill the gaps and fix the bugs.

In the larger picture, generating content without a strategy leads to a messy journey towards your end goal.

My content strategy is tailored to who you are, your target audience and your business objectives. I help define a tone and writing style that is consistent with your business, keeping in mind your marketing strategy. And for those businesses that require it, content structure can be built with an SEO mindset to leverage the benefits of search engine optimisation.

Web Content Strategy Services

I do a complete audit your website (if you have one) or advise you on what copy is required to create a new one, in keeping with SEO mandates.

I plan the creation of usable content for the website as well as social media, based on your business objectives and the requirements of the end user.

I take stock of your content inventory, and based on the gap analysis, I advise you on what to keep, what to leave out and what to add.

I suggest ideas for content creation, based on your budget, that help you think beyond the blog post.

Other Services
Content Writing

Trust me to tell your story. To keep it simple, yet make it memorable.

Editing & Proofreading

Call me Hawk-Eye when it comes to editing and proofing copy.

Enhancement Programme

Short one-on-one or group training programmes to enhance written skills.