Content Writing

Trust me to tell your story. To keep it simple, yet make it memorable.

I work on the basic premise that, no matter what medium I’m writing for, it all begins with the audience that is being targeted. Once I understand what motivates my reader, my content (tone and style included) is tailored to attract that particular demographic. I make sure my content is fact-filled, active, engaging and reader-friendly with the use of simple language, sub-headings or bullet points.

Let me clarify: Nothing about writing is set in stone. If a client wants something revised to serve a particular purpose – no harm, no foul – it can be done!

The services I offer include:

Website content | Keyword-enriched content for SEO on-page optimisation | Articles for print and off-page SEO optimisation | Blogs for website and off-page SEO optimisation | Copy for social media posts and promotions | Content for marketing collaterals | Email promotions | Advertorials | Speeches | Press releases | Brochures

Other Services
Editing & Proofreading

Call me Hawk-Eye, when it comes to editing and proofing copy to enhance quality.

Content Strategy

Audit website content & social media interactions – fill the gaps and fix the bugs.

Enhancement Programme

Short one-on-one or group training programmes to enhance written skills.