Writer’s Corner

Let me lend words to the art of ideas & the science of persuasion and make content work for you.

Yes, that’s right… Tina Can Write for you!

Why Content Writing & Marketing is Critical in the Digital Age

Let me say it like it is. Content lies at the heart of any successful print or digital marketing strategy. Without a doubt, behind every great brand/business, lies a wealth of valuable content that really connects with its audience.

A strategy that does not involve the written or the spoken word, is as empty as a shell without the nut!

Now that we’ve put that in perspective…

Content writing for the 21st century is not rocket science, but it does need a good command of the language and a targeted approach to craft words into powerful messages that inform, inspire and persuade the reader to take the action you desire.

That’s where I come in

Be it marketing communications, advertorials, website copy, keyword-enriched SEO content, articles, blogs, speeches, press releases, brochures, content writing training – I have the experience, exposure and skill to write copy that enhances your marketing strategies to achieve the desired results.

How it works for you

While my output is and always will be words, the work that it does for your business is so much more.

Giving you visibility across different platforms is just the tip of the iceberg – a little patience reveals that it generates leads and boosts conversions too!

Right about now you’re probably thinking: “Can she relate to my particular vocation?”

That’s a fair question. But let me clear that up for you, in just as much time as it took for that doubt to creep into your head.

I don’t box myself into niches or categories; never have, never will. I’m only too happy to accept a new challenge and adapt my writing to suit your industry or profession.

Ready to team up? Let’s use words to get you some business!

Meet Tina

Hello there… let’s get better acquainted.

I’m a freelance content writer, strategist and trainer – based in Cochin, Kerala – available worldwide. And I’ve been doing this a while… let’s say 18 years and counting!

Content Writing

Trust me to tell your story. To keep it simple, yet make it memorable.

Editing & Proofreading

Call me Hawk-Eye when it comes to editing and proofing copy.

Content Strategy

Audit website content & social media interactions – fill the gaps & fix the bugs.

Enhancement Programme

Short one-on-one or group training programmes to enhance written skills.